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“I love what I do, because for years I have been able to help my clients live a better life.  I make it my personal mission to get them their dream home or simply reduce their monthly debts.”
– Michelle, Mortgage Broker Since 2008

Why Work with Michelle?

  • Experienced with successful mortgage approvals since 2008
  • Exclusive access to Credit Unions
  • Kelowna born and raised
  • Very familiar with the area, in working with freehold and native land
  • Special status with Lenders for better rates, rebates & special promotions
  • Expertise in working with alternative lenders offering outside-of-the-box financing
  • Knowledgeable in credit counseling for clients looking to improve credit scores
  • Ongoing service dealing with the lender on behalf of the client even after the mortgage funds.

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Kelowna Born & Raised.
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Take a look at all the latest news from the mortgage industry – special rates, federal government rule changes, qualification updates, property transfer tax rules, reverse mortgages, and much more.

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