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First Time Home Buyers

My initial meeting with any 1st timer is based around educating them on the process and any programs they are eligible for to save money.  We do a credit review followed up by a pre-qualification of what they can get approved for.  There is no cost to you to put a mortgage broker to work for you in Kelowna!


Debt Consolidation

Consolidating debt into your mortgage can be a great way to reduce your overall monthly payments.  We will shop around and compare whether it’s best we work with your current mortgage lender or switch to a new lender who offers a better rate and mortgage product.

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If you are wanting to renovate the home you are purchasing or a home you already own, including it in your mortgage is an excellent way to keep your cash in your pocket. We have multiple lenders we can look at to make sure you are getting the best rate.

Refinance and Renewal

Refinancing your mortgage early to get into a better rate could save you thousands. There is also savings to be had by ensuring your mortgage broker shops around at renewal, as it can be free to switch into a better rate with a different lender.

Home Equity Loans

Having a line of credit in combination with a locked in mortgage, is a great way to ensure some security for needing to access money in the future.The line of credit may allow you to renovate your home or make a large purchase without having to re qualify for your mortgage.

Self Employed

If you are self employed and write your income down, you may think it would be difficult to qualify for a mortgage, but that is not true. The lender selection mortgage brokers have access to, include programs tailored for self employed people. You may have more options that you think!

Credit Building

Trying to understand your credit and what factors impact your score is complex equation. I have years of experience working with clients to rebuild their credit, and have never turned a client down for getting a mortgage. Working with a mortgage broker who understands how to build credit is most important.

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